Hetamon Haace

The proprietor and owner of the Devil's Threads.


This man’s otherworldly nature is impossible to miss. His eyes are amber and catlike, while long horns protrude from his forehead. He has pointed ears, and his features are rough and angular, yet handsome.


The Rose of Kintargo

Regulus’s Theme Song — TBD by TBD


Hetamon Haace beat the odds against myriad disadvantages stacked against him. Born a tiefling to a Kintargan peasant, he shouldn’t have had much chance in Chelish society. Hetamon’s father, Hetawell, was a tailor who struggled to make ends meet in Redroof while striving to live as an honest man. Son and father lived content and harmonious lives devoted to one another until Hetawell succumbed to an unknown illness, leaving him crippled and shattered.

Young Hetamon rose to the challenge of caring for his father. He watched after and supported the ruined man with a tenderness that echoed the deep bond of love between the two. Hetamon devoted himself to the role of healer, and by the time he turned 14, he was running his father’s tailor shop and helping out his neighbors when they needed aid with bruises, broken bones, burns, and other ailments they couldn’t afford to treat at a church, or in the halls of Alabaster Academy. Although they were initially skeptical that a tiefling could be truly altruistic, Hetamon’s gentle demeanor and skill with the healing arts despite a lack of formal education, quickly endeared him to his neighbors, whose suspicion gave way to genuine affection for the boy.

A turning point in Hetamon’s life came late one night on his way back from setting a stonemason’s broken wrist. As he traveled back through Old Kintargo, he happened on an aristocrat upbraiding a halfling slave. When Hetamon intervened, the aristocrat hissed at him, “Take your filthy claws off me, devilspawn!” and struck the tiefling across the face with his free hand. Something in Hetamon snapped. He bludgeoned the man to death with his medical kit until a nearby tavern keeper, drawn by the commotion, restrained him. She dragged Hetamon into the common room of the little dive, called the Tooth and Nail. There, the tiefling came to his senses, horrified by the blood that covered his hands and healer’s kit. The woman, whose name was Setrona Sabinus, quickly dissuaded Hetamon from turning himself in to the city guard. Instead, she took it on herself to dispose of the body. However, when they returned moments later, looks of astonishment lit their faces. The aristocrat’s body was gone, along with the halfling slave. In the corpse’s place, growing between the cracks of the bloodstained road, was a vibrant rose—the sign of the Everbloom herself: Milani.

Afterward, Hetamon completely devoted himself to the goddess, finding one of the few local clerics of the underground faith to instruct him in the ways of her priesthood. Over time, the tiefling established a small, hidden place of worship in his shop, where he conducted clandestine services for devotees of the Everbloom. His congregation has grown modestly over the past few years and now includes several prominent citizens of Old Kintargo and Redroof, most of whom don’t know each other but know of the cult’s overall presence and influence in the city. He has taken particular care to provide support and leadership to the tiefling’s of the Devil’s Nursery.

Hetamon has always wondered about the true nature of the aristocrat and halfling slave—he’s exhausted his research into them and has decided they may well have been a vision granted him by his goddess to point him toward his true path.

Now nearly 30, he lives a double life as a tailor in Redroof, respected despite his heritage, and as the leader of Kintargo’s followers of Milani, the goddess of hope, devotion, and uprisings. He is known for his well-made, yet thrifty designs and has often been called upon to make costumes for the Kintargo Opera House.

Hetamon lives by the saying, “if one of us is chained, we all are.”

Ally Benefit
Hetamon leads an entire cult of Milanite worshipers that he can bring to bear—he and the cult are treated as a single ally. As long as Hetamon remains an ally, the rebellion’s Notoriety score automatically decreases by 1d6 points at the start of every Upkeep phase.

Furthermore, as long as Hetamon remains an ally, the Silver Ravens are immune to the Sickness rebellion event.

Finally, once per month, Hetamon can work with Silver Ravens members to generate a cache of healing supplies. The Silver Ravens must have a team capable of taking the* Secure Cache action* to take advantage of this benefit, and can do so only once per month, but this monthly cache is provided free of charge.

The contents of each cache depend on whether the Silver Ravens choose a minor, intermediate, or major cache, as detailed below; the placement of the cache itself is left for the PCs to choose. The number in parenthesis after the cache type is the total number of times Hetamon can supply these caches during this adventure before the cult’s resources run out; he’ll have more resources with which to supply the Silver Ravens during the next adventure.

* Minor Cache (3): Potions of cure light wounds (6), potions of lesser restoration (2).
* Intermediate Cache (2): Elixirs of hiding (4), potions of invisibility (4), scrolls of silence (2).
* Major Cache (1): Potions of cure serious wounds (4), restorative ointment (5 applications), scrolls of dispel magic (2), scroll of raise dead, scroll of restoration.

Affiliation: The Church of Milani
Level of Influence (Alaric): Major Sway
Level of Influence (Party): Moderate Sway

Hetamon Haace

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